Nasal Breathing

Take a few breaths. Notice if you are inhaling through your mouth or your nose. Pay attention to whether you are breathing into your chest or your belly. If you are in a relaxed state, most likely you can inhale through your nose easily and breathe into your belly. If you are a bit more […]

Tips for Working Out in a Mask

We had to move all of our classes inside due to the storm today so I wanted to put together a short blog post with some tips for working out inside. Right now, you must wear your mask the entire time you are inside and we have circles set up that are 6+ feet apart. […]

Why do we make health and fitness so complicated?

Today I had someone ask me about the benefits of wearing a weight vest while they work to help them lose weight and it got me thinking about why we tend to make getting in shape so complicated. We start everyone off with a no sweat intro – its a chance to get to know […]

The Apple Watch and the Whoop – Should I use a fitness tracker?

Lately, we have been getting a lot of questions about different ways to track your fitness and recovery.  It makes sense that in todays world where we are trying to add data and turn everything into a game (I just read about a bluetooth toothbrush that tells you how to brush your teeth better!), that […]