One of the Five Factors of Health that we talk about is Mindset. Mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. Focusing on mindset can really help you feel better and be healthier overall. With exercise, there is the mind-muscle connection, which is the basic idea that just thinking about how your are […]


How many of you woke up tired today? SLEEP. It’s suuuuch a hot topic. Feeling your best can be a difficult task, but it’s even harder when you’re not getting enough sleep. Believe it or not, your bedtime habits can also affect your ability to shed pounds. Let’s discuss the importance of sleep for health […]

Begin with the End in Mind

What are your fitness goals? Are you looking to be a competitive athlete? While that is awesome and amazing, it is often not the goal of most people at a gym. Most people are looking for longevity: having good health as they age and being able to run around with their grandchildren. I bring this […]

The Five Factors of Health

Ben Bergeron has often talked about the five factors of health: how we eat, sleep, train, think and connect. Often in the fitness world, many are focused solely on the way we train. Sometimes, how we eat is mentioned as well. All of the 5 factors are important in optimizing our health and happiness. These […]

Prioritizing Health

“It’s the holiday season.” “My child’s birthday is this week.” “Work has been really crazy.” In life, there will always be something. There’s always an excuse for having “no time.” In order to have long term health, you need to make fitness and healthy eating a priority in your life.  Some suggestions that help: Create […]

Tracking Your Goals

It’s been said that you can’t improve what you don’t measure. What does that mean? Tracking can be related to a lot of things in health and fitness. Regular measurement of your goals helps keep you focused. The things we measure are the things we improve. Let’s take our workouts: we use Wodify at the […]

Just Show Up

People often debate what is most important for health or weight loss: exercising harder or eating better.  There are those who will come work out and really push the intensity for a week but then do nothing for a month or more. There are those who do crash diets, cut calories and lose weight, but […]

Who is Hygge Fitness For?

Hygge Fitness is not your high school. And we’re not like other gyms, either. We don’t like drama, cliques or judgment. I had a pretty good time in high school. I was a nerd. Luckily, I had some nice nerdy friends too. I went to college for Accounting but found it wasn’t for me. I […]

How to Put Yourself First

Melissa has three kids, a spouse and a full-time job. She feels like she can barely go to the bathroom by herself.  Jaime is a lawyer. She works long hours, sometimes weekends, and likes to spend time with family.  Mike has elderly parents that require a lot of care and attention. He brings them to […]

Find Your Tribe

It’s been said that you become the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Seth Godin says, “One of the most powerful of our survival mechanisms is to be part of a tribe, to contribute to (and take from) a group of like-minded people. We are drawn to leaders and to […]