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One of the Five Factors of Health that we talk about is Mindset. Mindset is the established set of attitudes held by someone. Focusing on mindset can really help you feel better and be healthier overall.

With exercise, there is the mind-muscle connection, which is the basic idea that just thinking about how you are moving your muscles through your workout can help you work more efficiently.

Overall, having a good mindset can improve your well being. Some principles:

  1. Develop a growth mindset. This is where we actively seek out challenges. We know this is where learning and growth take place. This might mean in the gym, in relationships, at work, or even just dealing with people throughout our day.
  2. Focus only on what you can control. With health, this is your own training, your own nutrition, your own sleep schedule. Don’t let other people’s decisions affect you. Don’t let outside things like weather, traffic, the past, or the future control you. You can control your own attitude and how you respond to these outside issues.
  3. Practice open-mindedness. Consider the opposite viewpoint of someone else. Ask questions. Have empathy for other people.
  4. Transform every “have to” into a “get to.” If you find yourself saying “I have to pick up my kids from school” or ” I have to cook dinner” or “I have to go to work,” change it up! “I get to pick up my kids from school” or ” I get to cook dinner” or “I get to go to work” makes all the difference.
  5. Chase excellence. Always do your best. Pursue excellence, but not perfection. This means continuously growing and evolving in your pursuits.

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