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Top 10 Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts

It’s the holiday season and shopping is on the mind! We’ve come up with the Top 10 gifts for any fitness enthusiast. Get yourself shopping, or forward the list to someone who may be shopping for you!

  1. Swag from their favorite brand – gym goers love repping their favorite fitness brand! T-shirts, tanks, a nice crop…hoodies, hats, you name it! All are great. Some popular brands: Vigorous Apparel, Rogue, Born Primitive, NoBull, Fleo, and of course we have some great Iron Jungle CrossFit gear available at the gym!
  2. A jump rope – a new jump rope is a fun gift; it’s nice to customize the color and length. Some good brands are Rogue, DoubleUnder Wonder or RPM Training – some even found on Amazon. Jump ropes are also great for fitness while traveling.
  3. A gift card for personal training from their favorite gym – even if the fitness enthusiast in your life goes to classes or does his or her own thing, it’s always nice to have that one on one attention of a coach and hone in on a certain skill or movement. We have gift cards for personal training available at the gym and come in 1/2 hour or 1 hour session blocks!
  4. Sneakers! For some people, this is number 1. Popular brands include NoBull, Nanos, Nike Retcons, R.A.D. or INOV-8. Pick out their favorite color or pattern – there are so many options available these days.
  5. A massage – those who go to the gym often know the power of recovery. A nice relaxing massage or a sports massage helps the body feel better. Shout out to Sharon who has her office right off of our lobby!
  6. Whoop or Apple Watch – avid gym goers are often the type of person who enjoy tracking. Having the Whoop or Apple Watch can help track active minutes, sleep, and much more.
  7. A foam roller – this can be an easy and inexpensive way to do some recovery and mobility work at home.
  8. A new gym bag – lots of people hold onto their bag for years. It can get worn out and smelly. A new gym bag is a great way to be stylish and functional when carrying gym gear.
  9. Protein powder – for those looking to get extra protein after their workout, this is a nice gift. Choose a clean option with no additives for best results.
  10. A real food cookbook – Nutrition is so important and cooking your own food is the best way to know what is going into your body. Some of my favorites are 100 Days of Real Food or Quick Prep Paleo. Happy Shopping! If you are interested in coming to check out our gym and meeting with a coach, book your free No Sweat Intro here.