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Attitude of Gratitude

As the holiday of thankfulness has just passed, I am brought back to thinking of gratitude. There is so much to be thankful for! As hard as life may get, there can always be a bright spot. 

Here are some ideas to focus on gratitude:

Start a gratitude journal. It can be any blank notebook. Every morning or evening write down 3 things, people or experiences that you are grateful for. I have done The Five Minute Journal and really enjoyed that as well.

Try some simple meditation. Sit in a quiet space for even 3 minutes. Focus on your breath and think of what you are thankful for. 

Tell someone else why you are grateful for them and how you appreciate them. You will make someone else feel good and in turn feel god yourself!

Reframe your negative thoughts. See those experiences as opportunities to learn about yourself and grow. 

Notice good things. Look for them. Appreciate them.  

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