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Begin with the End in Mind

What are your fitness goals? Are you looking to be a competitive athlete? While that is awesome and amazing, it is often not the goal of most people at a gym. Most people are looking for longevity: having good health as they age and being able to run around with their grandchildren.

I bring this up because sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the competitive nature of fitness. Sometimes you look to your left and to your right in class, seeing other people go faster or lift heavier weights, and you push yourself harder. This can be a good thing!

Sometimes, it’s ok to be the slowest one in class; to finish the workout last. The most important thing is showing up and doing what is right for you and your body that day.

When thinking about fitness for health and longevity, if when you are 90 you can go up and down stairs, reach something on the top shelf, or carry your groceries in from the car, you are doing pretty amazing! Fitness for health is all about remaining active and keeping the ability to perform activities of daily living.

Just a thought for today!

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