Prioritizing Health

“It’s the holiday season.”

“My child’s birthday is this week.”

“Work has been really crazy.”

In life, there will always be something. There’s always an excuse for having “no time.” In order to have long term health, you need to make fitness and healthy eating a priority in your life. 

Some suggestions that help:

  1. Create a routine. Some people do well with working out a different times of day but most people benefit from having a routine. Whether that means waking up to attend the 5am class most days or packing a bag with gym clothes to go straight to the gym after work, create a routine and stick with it. 
  2. Schedule your workouts just like you would an appointment on your calendar. Seriously – mark your calendar! When someone asks if you can do something at that time, say no and that you have an appointment at that time. 
  3. Plan your meals ahead. Before you go food shopping, pick your recipes for the week and make a list. It’s so much easier to cook when you have a plan and you have the ingredients then when you are just winging.
  4. Cook extra! Whenever you make dinner, double the recipe (or more!). Use the leftovers for easy lunch or dinner the next day.

With work, families and other commitments, there will always be something to distract you from being healthy. These tips can help you create a lifestyle of good health.

If you would like some help with nutrition, reach out to our coach Elena at If you would like to come check out the gym, meet with a coach and talk about your health and fitness goals, book your No Sweat Intro here.