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The Benefits of Exercise for our Youth

There are so many benefits of regular exercise for kids & teens!

Regular physical activity can help young people improve cardiorespiratory fitness, build strong bones and muscles, and control weight, just like it can in adults. Starting young can help create a healthy lifestyle that can last.

Being active can reduce symptoms of anxiety or depression, and help children build confidence in themselves.

Exercise improves school performance by helping them stay focused. Fit kids sleep better!

Strength training can help protect your child’s muscles and joints from sports related injuries. Starting early helps them develop proper techniques that your child can continue to use as they grow.

Our Kids & Teens program focuses on fitness for a healthy lifestyle. We do all of the same movements as the adult classes, but scale the weights appropriately. The kids LOVE new challenges, such as sandbag carries, sled pulls or a 3 machine mini triathlon.

We always include an active game at the end of each class. We play kickball, volleyball or basketball (using the rig); we also play the PVC game, the “pizza” game, jump the river, rock paper scissors, and more. We make fitness fun!

Kids who exercise regularly are also better able to handle physical and emotional challenges in life – whether it’s being able to carry their own suitcase through the airport or being able to deal with the plane being late.

We get new kids & teens all the time. Some of our young athletes play other sports; some do not – they have the gym as their sport. We have all different ages and fitness levels and they do great together.

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