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Tracking Your Goals

It’s been said that you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

What does that mean?

Tracking can be related to a lot of things in health and fitness. Regular measurement of your goals helps keep you focused. The things we measure are the things we improve.

Let’s take our workouts: we use Wodify at the gym to track our performance. If you know you hit 10 reps at 100 lbs for your back squat last week, it makes it a lot easier to judge what weight you will choose for 8 reps this week. If you set a goal of back squatting 200 lbs, you can track your progress and improvements on the way to that goal.

Then there’s food: studies show that just writing down what you eat at each meal every day makes a person eat healthier – without even trying to do so. Tracking food encourages better choices because you know you will have to write it down!

Even sleep can improve by being tracked. You can use a Whoop or Apple Watch to really delve into your sleep; you can even just have a notebook by your bed and write down how many hours you slept each morning for the night before. Seeing 4-5 hours several times can be the push you need to increase the amount of sleep.

So, pick one and try it out! Record your workouts in Wodify, or if you don’t want anyone else seeing your performance, use a notebook to track the weights you lift and the times of your workouts. Start a food diary: you can use My Fitness Pal or another app, or again, just write it down. Try focusing on your sleep and seeing how many hours you actually get each night. It doesn’t have to be all of them at once – pick one to start.

If you are a member with us and want to meet with a coach to talk about your goals, set new ones and have accountability, book your Goal Review Session here.

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